Why Your Toilet Keeps Running

Your toilet running is a problem that you can't ignore, but it is a pretty common problem for households. You should know why it happens, which is a step closer to fixing it. Here are the reasons why your toilet keeps running and the lasting solutions.

Disconnected Flapper Chain

When you open the top of your toilet, you'll notice a chain linking the lever and the flapper. If this chain comes off and disconnects or is too short, the water in the toilet will start leaking since the flapper is not secure. The same happens when the chain is too long because the flapper won't open when you push the lever.

Issues With the Flapper

With time, it is normal for the flapper to get dirty or break, so it cannot properly cover the drain. If you think it's too dirty, drain the tank, detach the chain, clean it, and put it back. You can also replace it if broken, but make sure you match the brand or go for a universal one that fits. You can then test it to see if it seals properly.

Misplaced Float

There is an adjustable float in the water tank that controls the level of water. If the float is too high, the water will easily spill into the tube, and the toilet won't stop running. You should check the mark inside the tank, and if not, measure about an inch on the overflow tube and mark it. Next, open the water and flush, monitoring where the level will stop against the mark. If the level is higher or lower, that is your sign to adjust the float accordingly.

What To Do When the Toilet Keeps Running

The more the water runs, the more gallons are wasted throughout the day. You will end up with excessive energy bills unless you find a solution. You can try to fix the problem manually, but some issues easily escalate and require a professional plumber in Atlanta to help. If you try fixing it but there is no difference, it's likely time to call an expert.

Contact the Experts for Professional Help

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