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Whole-House Water Filters
for Every Kennesaw Tap

You need a water filtration system for your home in Kennesaw, Cartersville, and the entire North Georgia for cooking, drinking, bathing, cleaning, and other uses. Regardless of the water source, the goal is to ensure that your taps provide only quality water. Unlike a point-of-use system, which is installed at a particular water source, a whole-house water filter in Kennesaw treats the incoming water, ensuring that the supply from every tap is treated. The system removes harmful chemicals and contaminants from the water, protects your daily plumbing system, and provides clean and chemical-free drinking water. Connect with A-Total Plumbing for whole-house water filter services in Kennesaw.

Filtration & Conditioning—
The Halo H2 Zero for Whole-House Water Filtering inCartersville, Georgia

Are you looking for a reliable whole-house water filter installation in Cartersville? Consider installing the Halo H2 Zero today in Atlanta. Your water can be treated, and its taste improved, all thanks to Halo technology, which is tested and proven effective. While every system has an incredible filtration process, there are different systems to choose from, so you can find one that serves your needs and stays within your budget.

Out of the options available, the Halo H2 Zero is a popular design that stands out for its whole-house water filter service in Cartersville. It features two tanks and a carbon filter alongside a water conditioner. What makes it so popular? It is maintenance-free, doesn't discharge wastewater, and doesn't use electricity.

Ready to Enjoy Clean, Pure Water From Every Tap in Your Home?

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How Halo H2 Zero Works for Whole-House Water Filtering in Kennesaw, Georgia

Experts recommend the Halo H2 Zero for your home's water filtration and softening. But before your whole-house water filter installation in Kennesaw, you should know how the Halo H2 works. For starters, it features two tanks and comes in two variations: the carbon/ION and the carbon/proprietary scale combinations.

The carbon tank that you find in both types helps reduce the levels of chlorine in the water. As for the Halo ION conditioner and the proprietary scale features, their roles are to prevent corrosion of your plumbing by reducing the buildup of lime. Halo technology alters the structure of calcium and magnesium in water, making the system the ideal whole-house water filter installation in Cartersville, Kennesaw, Atlanta, and the entire North Georgia.

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I cannot recommend this company enough. I unfortunately needed them twice in a month (once for an outdoor water main break and another for an indoor leak). They were super professional and were willing to make adjustments to their schedule to fit me in less than 2 hours after I called. Work was fairly priced and very high quality. I cannot see using another company while they are still around.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of installing a whole-house waterfilter?

A water filter system removes contaminants and chemicals in the water, making it safe for various uses around the home, including drinking. Softening the water means you don't have to worry about it ruining your plumbing system.

How long does it take to install a whole-house water filter?

Typically, installing a whole-house water filter should take around 2 hours, but the time frame varies depending on the size and needs of your home, the system installed, and whether the installation area needs additional work.

How does a whole-house water softener and filtration system work?

A system like halo technology works by reducing the chemicals and pollutants in the water, like chlorine, then alters the structure of calcium and magnesium to help soften the water.

How do I choose the right whole-house water filtration system? 

Our A-Total Plumbing experts will guide you when choosing the ideal water filtration system, but generally, we factor in your home and its needs and the quality of your water before choosing the best filtering technology.