Flexible Financing

Affordable financing options

Plumbing problems can happen at any time, and usually do so without warning. To make matters worse, they always seem to happen at a time that couldn’t be worse. If you’re on a tight schedule or budget, the team at A-Total Plumbing can help. We not only offer fast and reliable service, but we also offer friendly and dependable financing options through Greensky Financial! Whether you need a major service like a total repipe or sewer line replacement, our partnership with Greensky Financial makes your service more affordable to get the job done today.

Financing provided by GreenSky LLC

Friendly Terms & Great Rates from A-Total Plumbing

Why should you finance with Greensky Financial through the team at A-Total Plumbing? There are plenty of advantages. First: it’s easy! Because we work directly with Greensky, the application process is faster, your approval comes within minutes, and we can get started on your project right away. Once the project is done, Greensky makes making payments easy. Greensky offers low interest rates and a variety of options to support projects of all different sizes and costs. They even offer financing for credit scores as low as 550, so odds are you can qualify as well!

Taking advantage of our financing is easy!

  • Our team will help you complete the application process
  • Your approval decision will be given within minutes
  • You sign the appropriate paperwork to secure your loan
  • Inform our technician that you’re interested in financing with Greensky

We're proud to offer several different financing options. Need to get something done quickly but don't want to pay a bunch in interest? Greensky offers interest-free financing if paid-in-full within six months! Need a low monthly payment? Finance your project for up to 120 months for as low as 11.99%. We can fit our different financing plans to meet your needs and get you the help you need for a price that won't break the bank.