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It's inevitable that certain fixtures and plumbing will need to be replaced over time, so it's important to have a great plumber on your side. After all, your plumbing system is only as great as the plumber that installed it. Our team at A-Total Plumbing aims to provide high-quality plumbing services to our customers throughout the Metro Atlanta area. Whether it is a faucet replacement or plumbing installation in Kennesaw & Cartersville, GA, A-Total Plumbing is here to help 24/7.

How to know if your 
plumbing needs repair:

No matter the size of the job, A-Total Plumbing offers long-lasting plumbing solutions to keep your home safe for years to come.

If you think old fixtures need replacement, don't wait for it to become an issue. Being proactive is the best way to prevent an expensive repair.

Our installation 
services include:

Piping and 

Water heater 

Sewer pipe 


Garbage disposal 




A-Total Plumbing is here for all of your 
plumbing installation needs!

Tips / Troubleshooting:

To avoid costly repairs and water damage, you should keep an eye out for when it is time to have plumbing replaced in your home. Below are 5 signs that your plumbing is ready to be replaced:

Low Water Pressure

If you notice a decrease in your water pressure, you've caught an early sign of plumbing problems. First, check your water heater to make sure it is still in good condition. An immediate loss of water pressure can be caused by a poorly functioning water heater. If it is a gradual decline in water pressure can be caused by a leaky pipe. If you have old iron pipes, they could be clogged with rust and reduce the water pressure.


There are few warning signs of leaky pipes other than pools of water. But for pipes in hidden places, you can't see moisture as easily. Low water pressure and clogged drains are a sign of pipe issues.

Leaky faucets need to be replaced to spruce up your plumbing and save money on your water bill.

Discolored Water

If your water isn't coming out clear, it's a serious red flag. An orange, red, or yellow color is an indicator of rust in your water. This occurs if you have metal pipes that have had rust build up inside. Blue or green water is a sign of brass or copper in your water. If your water is black, there could be mold or mildew growth in your pipes which is extremely dangerous to use. Green water is a sign of algae growth. A pink color to your water is a sign of waterborne organisms that can be harmless.

Clogged or Slow Drains

A clogged drain may not seem like a major issue but can be an indicator to a larger plumbing problem. Clogged or slow drains can be caused by poor venting in your pipes. If your pipes' venting is damaged or blocked, you should call a plumber to make repairs. Tree and plant roots could also puncture a drain pipe and cause a blockage underground.

Old Pipe Material

If you live in an older home, your pipes may not be made of the most up to date material. Water supply pipes are typically made of brass, copper, or galvanized steel to withstand the pressure. These materials can last 70 to 100 years but at a certain point will need to be replaced.

Drain pipes are made of PVC or cast-iron. PVC lasts around 25 to 40 years while cast-iron lasts 80 to 100 years. Keeping track of your pipes' age is important so you can replace them before major repairs are needed.

No matter the fixture or pipes that need to be replaced, A-Total Plumbing is up for the job.