Steps To Clean Up an Overflowing Toilet

Everyone has had to deal with an overflowing toilet at some point. You are trying to flush, but the water just keeps rising over the bowl and onto the bathroom floor, making the mess bigger by the second. Here is what to do if the toilet is overflowing.

Step 1: Containment

The first step is to prevent the water from flowing outside the bathroom. Use heavy rugs and towels and place them on the floor to soak up the excess. Finding disposable towels may be ideal, but since there is no time, you can use regular towels and rugs that you will later wash and disinfect.

Step 2: Turn Off the Water Valve

Now that you have contained the water, the next step is to find the water valve, usually at the base of the toilet. Check under the tank for the shut-off valve, then turn it until you see no more water running. You can also remove the lid from the tank, push down the flapper inside, and use it to stop the water flow. The goal is to avoid more water flowing into the tank.

Step 3: Clean Up

Containment and shutting off the water gives you time to clean up the resulting mess. Here is what to do when the toilet overflows, and it starts with gathering supplies. You need a mop, bucket, rubber gloves, bleach, and floor cleaner (antibacterial). Start by wringing out the towels you had on the floor, then clean out the rest of the water with a bucket and mop. Next, you'll disinfect the floor as well as the rugs or any towels you used.

Step 4: Plunging

If a foreign item was in the way of water flushing, which led to the mess in the first place, you have to remove it immediately. If it's a toy, you can pull it out after donning a pair of gloves. Otherwise, if dealing with a clog, you can simply use a plunger. Keep plunging to get rid of all the excess water in the bowl.

Step 5: Turn the Water Back On and Flush

Finally, you want to check that everything is working normally after removing the clog. Start by turning the valve back on to refill the tank, then try flushing again to ensure there is no more overflow.

Contact an Emergency Plumber in Cartersville

If the toilet keeps overflowing even after all these steps, the last resort is to call a plumber in Cartersville to check it out. It may be an issue with the sewer line, septic tank, or another problem, and the professionals at A-Total Plumbing are ready to help.