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Water Heater Leak

A water heater leak can cause your hot water to not go throughout your house properly, causing a massive amount of frustration. Not to mention the damage a leak can cause. Our team at A-Total Plumbing can quickly and accurately diagnose your water heater leak and offer reliable repairs to the Metro Atlanta area.

How to know if your
plumbing needs repair

Unfortunately, you normally only notice water heater leaks once your hot water isn't working properly. To prevent major hot water issues, it's best to keep your eye out for a leak. The biggest sign of a hot water leak is a pool of water around your water heater. It's smart to regularly check your water heater for any pools of water so you can spot any leaks before they become a bigger issue. Before you assess any damage or leaks, be sure to turn the power off to your water heater so you don't burn yourself.

Tips / Troubleshooting

While the actual repair of the water heater leak should be left to professional plumbers, there are several things you can do right away to get the problem under control before plumbers can get there.

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Find the Leak

In some situations, you might not be able to find the source of the leak. If you are able to get a good look at the leak, finding the source is a great place for the plumber to start.

There are several places the leak could be on your water heater:

  • A leak in the pipes that connect to the water heater
  • A leaking valve on the top of the water heater
  • A leaking valve on the bottom of the water heater
  • A leak at the bottom of the tank

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Shut off the Water Heater

To prevent the leak from getting worse, you should shut off the water heater. For gas water heaters, there should be an On/Off switch on the water heater itself. For an electric water heater, you'll turn off the power through the circuit breaker.

After shutting off the power to the water heater, you also need to shut off the water leads that go into the water heater. To do this, you'll have to find the valve above or to the side of the water heater and turn clockwise.

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Drain the Tank

If you can, draining the water heater's tank can stop any additional leaking. To do this, you'll have to attach a hose to the drain valve and empty the water into a sump pump or floor drain. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, wait for a plumber.

To actually fix the leak, you'll need to call a plumber in Kennesaw. A-Total Plumbing is here to take your call 24/7 to provide you with a long-lasting solution to your water heater leak.