Detecting and Diagnosing Outdoor Faucet Leaks

You may at first ignore leaks from your faucets, but the longer you wait, the more serious they get. If your outdoor faucet leaks when turned on or off, it can be disastrous and expensive in the long run. This article explains why you need to know how to diagnose outdoor faucet leaks.

Detecting Faucet Leaks

You don't always spot leaks. Sometimes, faucets look fine from the outside but have hidden issues. You should know how to detect when an outdoor faucet drips when turned on or not to know when to call in the experts. Here are some top signs to watch out for:

Spout Leaks

One of the most obvious signs of issues with your outdoor faucet is when you see a spout leak, even after shutting off the water. The second you notice that you must turn off the tap tighter or in a certain way to prevent dripping, it is a first sign of problems.

Base Leaks

Unlike spout leaks, this happens at the base, where the faucet links with the pipe. Outdoor conditions make it difficult to spot this leak because water around the base can pass off as wetness due to splashing outside.

Causes of Outdoor Faucet Leaks

There are several reasons why your exterior faucet leaks when turned on; below are the most likely reasons and how they are fixed.

Faulty O-ring

If the O-ring in the cartridge is worn out or not working properly, it will lead to spout leaks. The only way to resolve the problem when this happens is to have the O-ring replaced.

Malfunctioning or Worn-out Washer

The washer is fixed against the valve, which is another component that causes spout leaks. The more you use your tap, the more friction with the valve, and with time, the washer starts wearing out. You need a quality washer of the right size installed correctly; otherwise, you will keep running into the same issues.

Extremely High Water Pressure

If there is excessive water pressure in the outdoor faucet, it may take a toll on the system, leading to leaks. It is best to call a professional to help in such cases before the damage escalates.

Loose or Faulty Components

The components of the system may be working perfectly, but leaks may occur if they get loose over time. The more you use your outdoor faucets, the more likely the components are to get loose. These will require tightening and readjustments to stop the leaks.

Contact the Experts

Faucet leaks lead to high water bills and other damage to your plumbing system, explaining why you should know how to detect them. If you see a spout or base leak, it may be time to seek plumbing repair in Kennesaw from A-Total Plumbing.