Why Is Your Faucet Leaking, And Why Does It Matter?

A leaking faucet, no matter how minor it is, can lead to a waste of water and expensive water bills. You want to use water sparingly and save money, which is why you should take any leak seriously. You should know why it is happening and what causes a faucet to leak to expedite repairs.

Why Worry About Leaking Faucets?

It is common for people to neglect minor drips, allowing them to be unresolved for a long time. Having a single leak may be an indication of underlying plumbing issues that you need to address right away. The longer the problem goes on, the more damage there will be and the more expensive the repairs will be, so you are safer identifying the root cause of the leak. This minimizes the repair costs you'll incur and the time you'll spend cleaning up. Besides that, also remember that a lot of water is lost to a leaking faucet. You should know why your faucet is dripping to avoid wasting gallons of water in the long run.

What Causes a Faucet to Drip?

The following are the most likely reasons why your faucet keeps leaking and how to address them:

Worn-Out or Malfunctioning Parts

One of the main reasons is the actual faucet components. If you are dealing with ill-fitting parts or they were not properly installed, you will run into several problems down the line, including leaks. It may be an issue with the O-rings, washers, cartridges, or seals in the system. These require immediate replacement of these vital components.

High Water Pressure

If you notice you only have an issue with leaks at specific times of the day when other faucets are open, then it may indicate the water pressure is too high. This means the system is slowly caving under the force and could translate to other leaks in various parts of the piping. To avoid that, you need an expert to come in and help you regulate the water pressure.

Cracks in Plumbing

Check the leak, and if you see that it is steady, it may be a sign of cracks or loose fittings in the system. It could be coming from anywhere, from the components or even in the walls, which is why you need a plumber's help for diagnosis and repair.

Seek the Services of a Professional Plumber

Whenever you detect any faucet leaks, treat them as an emergency and call in a professional plumbing service in Kennesaw before they get serious. You can reach out to our experts at A-Total Plumbing for efficient and long-lasting repairs on your systems.