Are There Hidden Water Leaks inYour House?

Homeowners are wary of leaks because of the severe damage they can cause. The worst part is that you may not even be aware of a slab leak or any other leaks in the plumbing system until it's too late. So, what happens when the signs are not obvious? Here are tips on how to find hidden water leaks in your house.

Listen for Sounds of Running Water

Maybe you can't see the leak in the plumbing, so how can you tell? On a quiet day or night, turn off the faucets and carefully walk into various rooms, carefully listening for drips. Sometimes, you may hear the leakage through the floors and walls.

Wet Walls and Floors

Are you looking for how to find a leak in your home in the shortest time? An obvious hint is when you see wet patches on the floors and walls. You may be dealing with a slab leak or damage in the plumbing system right under your nose. Look out for visible dampness in the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry area. Usually, prolonged wetness creates a conducive environment for mold, so there may be a musky smell from the affected area. You must fix such leaks immediately before they cause damage to your property, leading to expensive repairs.

Check the Water Meter

This is one of the most effective ways to find a water leak in your house. First, shut off the faucets in the house and take the meter reading. If the meter is still running, that indicates that water is being lost somewhere within the plumbing system. Any reading movements hours later are a sign. Otherwise, your system is fine.

Check Your Water Bills

It is alarming to find a sudden spike in your water bills or an unusual discrepancy with the previous months. If the difference is evident, water is leaking from the system and being wasted. Considering you do not have the technical expertise to detect the issue easily, you should contact a reliable plumber to diagnose the problem. This will help you save on future exaggerated water bills for only a small fee.

Find Hidden Water Leaks With the Help of an Experienced Plumber

Sometimes, water leaks in your premises may be obvious, and other times, they are hidden. The latter is more severe because you may only notice it when it's too late. Using the tips above, you can identify any leaks and immediately contact A-Total Plumbing when you need a plumber in Acworth to fix them.