6 Warning Signs of a Slab Leak

Is your house built on a slab? Then you enjoy perks like protection from pests and reduced costs, but there is one problem. It means that your plumbing system is also under the house, making it easy for leaks to go unnoticed. The following are tips on how to tell if you have a slab leak.

1. Extremely High Water Bills

This is one of the first warning signs that alert you that something is off. Water may be leaking and running all through the day, depending on the size of the damage. If you detect any outrageous spikes in the water bill, it is time to investigate.

2. Reduced Water Pressure

The more water leaks, the less amount is flowing through the pipes and into your household. Therefore, if you are certain that there is a significant reduction in the normal water pressure, it is time to bring in a Cartersville plumber to check for leaks or any other problems with the plumbing.

3. Warm Floor Spots

If there are any leaks from hot water systems, you will notice warm or hot spots on your floor directly above the leak. It is easy to tell if you have wood or linoleum floors or when you are walking barefoot.

4. Damaged Floors

Since the leak may go undetected for a while, chances are high that it will lead to damage on your floors directly over the leak. Check for warping on linoleum, laminate, and hardwood flooring; if you have a carpet, you may notice random wet and dark spots.

5. Foul Odor

One of the most obvious signs of a slab leak is a mold or mildew smell. This occurs because moisture has been trapped under the floors for a long time, causing a musty odor that later spreads to the rest of the house. You must be careful with this because mold easily spreads across the floors and onto walls, requiring immediate attention.

6. Pools of Water

In severe cases where you are dealing with massive leaks, you may spot pooling outside or inside the home, sometimes near plumbing home appliances like the washing machine. A random pooling of water on an otherwise dry day is an indication of a slab leak somewhere in your home.

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Call the Experts

The first step is knowing how to tell if you have a water leak under a slab, making it easier to know when to call in experts. You need professionals from A-Total Plumbing to help pinpoint and fix the leak before it causes more severe damage.