Why Does My Tankless WaterHeater Go Cold?

You choose a tankless water heater because of its convenience, but just like any other system, it can also malfunction. Have you had problems where your heater works properly but fails minutes later? If so, here's all you need to know about why your tankless water heater goes cold and what you can do about it.

Cold Water Switch

You must have experienced the notorious cold water switch when the heater is used after being turned off for a while. The water inside the system starts running out cold, so when it mixes with the heated water, the water flowing out is unusually colder than expected. As a result, you deal with water that is inconsistently hot and cold. To solve this problem, you can either use a recirculation device or, alternatively, let the cold water run out for a minute before using it.

Sediment and Dirt Build Up in the Filter

Are you wondering why your tankless water heater goes from hot to cold in a short time? It may be because your filter is dirty. The more you use the unit, the more sediment builds up, clogging the system, reducing the water pressure, and making it work extra hard. This forces it to keep recycling on and off, causing temperature inconsistencies. It helps to frequently check the filters and conduct proper care and maintenance, calling for replacements when necessary.

Flow Sensor Issues

Another logical explanation for why your tankless water heater goes cold is because of issues with the flow sensor. This gadget monitors the water flow and activates the heating. However, if the readings are faulty, the system will either overheat or fail to heat. When you call in the experts, they clean the sensor and check whether the flow rate is accurately detected. They also adjust the wiring, making sure that it is connected properly.

Issues With Gas Line Size

When you opt for a tankless water heater, experts ensure that the gas line is the perfect size for the unit. Otherwise, it will fail to deliver the water you need, especially during peak hours. The best way to handle this is to install the proper gas line size according to the product's manual or use a temporary booster.

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