Why Does My Dishwasher Not Drain? 

The dishwasher comes in handy to handle your dirty dishes. It works by draining out the dirty water and food particles after a cycle is complete, but what happens when the cycle is complete but the water has not fully drained? Here are the most likely explanations for why your dishwasher is not draining.

Your Garbage Disposal Is Clogged

Not every kitchen features a garbage disposal, but if yours does, that is one of the most probable reasons for water back-ups in the dishwasher. When particles are obstructing the system, they block the wastewater in the appliance from draining. To solve this, turn the disposal on and run water through it to try to remove the blockage. If that fails to work, then the clog must be removed physically by a professional.

You Have an Obstructed Air Gap

This is for kitchens with an air gap or a cylindrical knob at the back of the sink. If you are wondering why your dishwasher won't drain, it may be because the air gap is obstructed. What does the air gap do? It ensures that a vacuum doesn't form in the kitchen's drainage system and, in turn, prevents water from being sucked back into the dishwasher. The solution for this is to remove the cap and clear it. You can even disconnect the hose to check for clogs.

Your High Loop Is Knocked Out of Position

Luckily, this is a problem that is very easy to fix. Sometimes, the dishwasher backs up because the drain hose has shifted out of position. The high-loop system utilizes the force of gravity to keep the wastewater from flowing back into the appliance, but if not secured in the right place, the water will fail to drain out properly. The easiest way to fix this is by returning the hose back to its high-loop position.

There Is Food Buildup in the Drain Basket

Another explanation for why your dishwasher won't drain is because there is a blockage in the drain basket. If the disposal, air gap, and drain hose are fine, the last thing to check is the base of the dishwasher. Food, fat, and other particles may have built up in the drain basket, interfering with the water flow. The solution? Simply remove the cover and take out the drain basket, checking for and removing any debris that is present.

Seek the Services of Our Professional Plumber in Acworth

There are several problems with the dishwasher that you can DIY, but it is best to know when to call in a professional. You can call A-Total Plumbing if you need a reliable plumber in Acworth.