Drain Cleaning Vs Clearing: Which Service Do You Need?

The last thing you want is to deal with clogs in your drains. They affect the flow of water and interfere with the normal running of the house and plumbing system. When you notice any issues, your next course of action is to either DIY or call a professional. However, it is best to know what you are dealing with, so what is the difference between drain clearing and drain cleaning?

Drain Clearing Vs Drain Cleaning—What's the Difference?

At face value, clearing and cleaning refer to the same thing, which is the removal of debris, dirt, or particles from a system. However, the two are distinct when it comes to the plumbing world. When you know the reason behind the problem, then you are a step closer to knowing how to fix it. However, either way, you will still need professional help for both issues to be safe. Only experts can diagnose what's wrong and come up with effective solutions.

Drain Clearing

When referring to drain clearing in plumbing, this means that there are clogs interfering with the normal flow of water through the system. Therefore, clearing means the removal of clogs blocking the pipes. When professionals come in, they know the right tools to use to remove the objects causing the clogs, ensuring that the water can move seamlessly. Using a snake-like tool that they lower into the drains, the plumbers can determine the exact location of the clog. They then use the motor-driven blades attached to the end of the snake to cut through the clogs and clear the drain.

Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning refers to the process where the dirt and debris in the system are removed. This is more of a permanent solution to your plumbing issues and is the best solution when dealing with older drainage systems. If you have been complaining about frequent clogs, then you need the services of a professional to get rid of all the debris in the system. This explains why drain cleaning is usually more expensive. It is more effective and thorough, providing a long-term solution to your problems so you don't have to keep calling for help.

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