Causes of Noisy Water Heaters

Your water heater is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment in your home or commercial space. You use it daily, so it should always run seamlessly. Therefore, it becomes worrying when you hear your water heater making noise. The following are common noises you may hear and explanations for them.

Banging or Hammering

Banging occurs when the water rushes forcefully into the system, pushing internally against the tank or when the pipes are loose and hammering against each other. While this is not usually a cause for alarm, sometimes the force can be excessive, risking bursting the pipes. Plumbers will add insulation or install an arrestor to prevent the banging.


If your water heater is making a popping sound, it may indicate sediment buildup. It is common when dealing with hard water with heavy mineral concentrations, especially in conventional tank heaters. This is why you should call experts for regular tank maintenance to prevent mineral deposits. This buildup can conduct heat, adding pressure inside and causing bubbling and popping as the heater runs.

Whistling or High Pitch Sounds

The water tank is under a lot of pressure, which can cause whistling sounds. However, sometimes, the noise is due to a malfunctioning or blocked inlet valve, which calls for immediate repairs. Only a professional will tell you where the damage is and repair it for you.


When the heating components of the tank are loose, they can cause vibrations in the system, causing a humming sound. Plumbers come in and tighten up the loose parts to eliminate the noise.


Another common noise users hear from the water heater is a hiss, similar to the sound from escaping air. This is expected when sediments cover the bottom part, leading to a hissing sound. Luckily, it is easy to resolve with a simple flushing or draining.

Vibration or Rumbling

The more the sediments form in the water tank, the more you hear a rumbling sound. This buildup traps the water, leading to bubbling, which you hear as a vibration.


If you are wondering why your water heater is making noise, it may be a leaking tank causing a sizzling sound whenever the water touches the hot internal parts. This is different from condensation, but if you see a large amount of water outside, that calls for immediate repairs or replacements.

Trust Professional Plumbers to Fix Your Water Heater

Hearing strange noises from your water heater can be worrying. While they may be normal sounds coming from the system operating, they could also indicate damage that will only worsen with time. That's why you should consult our experts at A-Total Plumbing for diagnosis and water heater repair services in Cartersville.