The Culprits That Can ClogYour Toilet

Dealing with clogged, overflowing, and running toilets is quite common, but it doesn't mean that they aren't serious issues that need immediate attention. Therefore, it is crucial to understand why your toilet keeps clogging to avoid future problems. The following are the most likely culprits behind why your toilet keeps clogging and what to do about it.

Blocked Drains

Why does your toilet clog easily? Blocked drains are one of the top causes. If there is a blockage and the water cannot go through, it backs up into the bowl and leads to clogging. Therefore, it is best to avoid flushing items like napkins, cotton balls, female hygiene products, wipes, and paper towels. Anything not meant to be flushed doesn't belong in the toilet. Even when using it correctly, remember to avoid using too much toilet paper because it also causes clogging in the drains.

Blocked Vents

Did you know that drain lines also have vents and that their blocking can cause damage and lead to clogging? While the drains carry away waste, the vents running outside help release excessive gasses and bring in fresh and clean air from the outside. If there is a blockage by any debris, it affects this system and interferes with how the toilet functions. It results in a vacuum that can damage the system and also affects the toilet, leading to clogs.

Blocked Sewer Line

Apart from the drains blocking, clogging of the sewer lines can also affect the toilet. If you flush the wrong items or there is an external factor causing the blockage, it can cause the toilet to clog. Again, avoid flushing everything down the drain, including excessive toilet paper. Avoid any item unless labeled "flushable." Even so, some things are safer tossed in the trash. Also, keep an eye out for factors outside your home, like debris blocking the system or tree roots extending into the draining lines.

Back Flowing Septic Tank

Why does your toilet keep clogging? External factors are not a problem when you have a septic tank. However, it needs to be in perfect and clean condition, or else it could also cause clogs. Ensure that you regularly clean the septic tank and repair it in case of any damage. Unless you properly maintain it and watch out for blockages, you risk wastewater backflows.

Seek the Services of an Experienced Plumber in Kennesaw

Now that you know the most likely culprits of your toilet clogging, it is easier to avoid the problem. You need a plunger on standby in case of a minor clog, but if the situation gets out of hand, consider immediately calling for professional plumbing in Kennesaw from A-Total Plumbing.