Reasons Behind Your ToiletGurgling and How To Fix It

You want your plumbing system to work seamlessly, so any strange sounds are cause for alarm. While your toilet bubbling may not be a crucial issue, it may indicate a problem with your plumbing system that needs immediate fixing. You may wonder why your toilet is bubbling and what you can do about it.

Blocked Drains

A gurgling or bubbling toilet is usually caused by blocked drains. When there are blockages in the system, water easily backs up in the pipes, leading to the strange noises you hear. Flushing washes down everything through the lines and into the sewage. However, if the drains are blocked, the water backups cause bubbles to rise to the top and are responsible for overflowing the toilet. The quickest fix is unclogging the drains, and you can use a plunger or call professionals to help.

Issues With the Sewer Line

Why is the toilet gurgling if the drains are okay? The problem may be the sewer line. Clogs and damages interrupt normal drainage, causing backups and gurgling. Maybe too much debris has accumulated in the lines, the pipes are broken, or roots are growing in the way. Sewer line issues are crucial and need immediate addressing. Otherwise, they escalate into more serious plumbing problems. If you suspect that something is wrong with the sewer system, it is best to call in professional plumbers.

Issues With the Septic Tank

The septic tank holds all the water and waste from the system, and if anything is wrong with it, the contents may back up and cause the toilet to bubble. This mainly happens when the tank is overloaded or the system is clogged with roots or other debris. Damages to the septic system due to wearing or external factors are also to blame. If you suspect that the septic tank is the reason why your toilet bubbles, you must seek professional help.

Issues With the Water Supply

If your toilet gurgles when you flush it, it may be due to the fluctuating pressure of water in the pipes. If the pressure is too high, the water flows faster through the system, creating air bubbles. Similarly, if the pressure is extremely low, water travels slowly through, making the water in the bowl stagnate and bubble. All water supply issues are safely handled by expert plumbers.

Trust Professional Plumbers

Are you having trouble with overflowing toilets or water bubbling when you flush? If quick DIY fixes are not working, trust our team at A-Total Plumbing for professional plumbing repair in Kennesaw.