Why Is My Water Heater Leaking? 

Panic can set in when you detect a pool of water around your hot water heater. You know that you must call a professional plumber to help immediately before the heater stops working or the leak ends up ruining your walls and floors. But why is your water heater leaking in the first place?

Old Tank

One of the most logical explanations as to why your water heater leaks water is that you may be dealing with an old, traditional tank heater. Older tanks are more likely to rust, leading to corrosion, which is where the water starts leaking from. When this happens, the last resort is to have the tank replaced.

Loose Drain Valve

The water heater's drain valve is one of the most crucial parts of the system, as it allows the water to empty out of the tank. Sometimes, the valve loosens over time, leading to leaking around its base. If that's the case, then you may opt for a quick DIY fix where you tighten the valve or, better yet, call a plumber. The valve could be worn out and need replacement.

Excessive Pressure

Another likely reason why your hot water heater is leaking is that the heat is creating too much pressure in the tank. The hot water steams inside the system, creating excessive pressure. Then, the more it builds up, the more cracks start forming in the tank, causing the water inside to leak out. Lowering the water temperature may help reduce the pressure.

Sediment Build-up

One more challenge when it comes to water heaters is that they are vulnerable to sediment buildup. Unless you maintain regular clean-up of the tank, the minerals will keep accumulating inside, and eventually, cracks start forming, which causes water leaks. If dealing with scaling, you may need to have the tank replaced or switch to a tankless water heater.

Issues With the Internal Shell

Did you know that your tank heater features an internal and external shell? If there are leaks from the inside, there is no way to spot them. This usually happens when your tank is too old or when the system starts corroding.

Let Experienced Plumbers Fix Your Water Heater in Acworth

Water leaking from your water heater is a cause for alarm. You should immediately call in our A-Total Plumbing professionals for water heater repair in Acworth to help diagnose and fix the problem.