Signs Your Septic System Is Failing 

Septic tanks are some of the most crucial systems for households, as they hold residential waste for treatment. If something goes wrong, it could be a hazard to your health or affect the entire plumbing system. Here are some common signs of septic system failure.


The last thing you want is for wastewater to back up into your sink, toilet, and drains. The most obvious sign of a problem is when you notice any backup. This indicates the septic system is full or failing, so water no longer enters the tank and stays in the pipes until it starts backing up.

Slow drains

When the septic tank is too full, water fails to collect inside, leading to clogging. As a result, the drains become excessively slow, and later on, the plumbing system starts backing up water into your home.

Strange Sounds

Another sign of septic system failure is when you hear strange gurgling noises from the plumbing. You can hear it especially when you flush the toilet, and that should direct you to a blockage or septic system issue.

Leaking Water Near Drain Field

An obvious sign of a problem is when you detect water pooling near the drains. In case of any failure, the septic tank stops collecting wastewater, causing it to seep from under the ground. You will see it collecting and making the drain field damp.

Foul Odor

Any nasty smell near plumbing appliances or the drain field should tell you that something is off. This indicates that the sewage is backing up or not draining properly into the tank and is likely finding its way into your drain line.

Strange Healthy Grass and Blooms

Sewage has the same composition as manure since it contains phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium, which are crucial for plant growth. If there is green, healthy grass only around the drain field, it means that waste water is leaking into the compound, providing perfect conditions for plant growth. The more the water leaks, the more you notice the grass getting greener, which is unusual if it is generally dry and there are no other plants nearby.

Seek Professionals Help

The second you notice any of the signs above, it is time to call in an Atlanta plumbing service. A-Total Plumbing will inspect the septic system and troubleshoot it to get it back up and running again. No more blocked and slow drains or foul smells from the pipes.