Tankless Water Heaters in Cartersville & Kennesaw

Tankless Water Heaters in Cartersville & Kennesaw

Tankless Water Heaters in Cartersville & Kennesaw

Understanding Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters heat water directly without the need for a storage tank. This provides hot water on demand and a variety of other advantages. A-Total Plumbing offers top quality products, expert installation, and same-day repair of tankless water heaters in Kennesaw and throughout the Metro Atlanta area. Our locally owned and operated business has provided reliable service in the local community since 2001.

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Advantages of Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater is designed to heat the water instantly when you turn on a faucet. The cold water moves through a pipe into the water heater where it is immediately heated by a heating element or gas burner. When you turn off the water, the water heater shuts off, so no energy is wasted. People are upgrading to tankless units to enjoy a constant supply of hot water.

The benefits of tankless water heaters include:

  • Never running out of hot water in the middle of a shower
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Up to 50% energy savings
  • Smaller size requires less space

The main drawback of switching to a tankless water heater is the higher cost, compared to water heaters with a storage tank. While you will pay more initially, you will save a significant amount of money on your energy bill. In addition, the lifespan of tankless models is about double the useful life of a traditional water heater, so you won’t have to replace it as often.

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Upgrading Your Water Heater

Whether you want to replace a standard water heater with a storage tank with a tankless model or you currently have a tankless water heater, everything needs to be replaced eventually. The age of the water heater is one indication. A standard water heater lasts about 10 years, and a tankless model can be expected to last more than 20 years. There are some signs that replacement is the better option. When it is time for an upgrade, we can help you find top quality products for your home.

You may need to replace your water heater when:

  • It is not heating the water
  • The tank is leaking
  • Your water heater is at the end of its expected life
  • The damage cannot be repaired
  • The tank has rust or corrosion
  • Your hot water has a rusty color

Tankless water heaters are available in gas and electric models. Some large families in bigger homes choose to install more than one tankless water heater to ensure plenty of hot water to meet the demands of their families. We can help you choose the best water heater for your home and provide expert installation.