Kennesaw and Cartersville Plumbing Maintenance

Kennesaw and Cartersville Plumbing Maintenance

Kennesaw and Cartersville Plumbing Maintenance

Keeping up with Maintenance

Poor plumbing can weaken your water pressure and cause the pipes to leak. While these may sound like small problems, the long-term damage can be catastrophic. A burst pipe or even a slow leak over time can ruin your home. It only takes about 4,000 small drips from a leaky faucet to waste about 1 liter of water. Floors, cupboards, walls, and lower floor ceilings are all prone to water damage. Unfortunately, much of the havoc caused by water cannot be fixed easily and some of your walls, floors, or furniture may need to be replaced entirely. Plumbing maintenance can minimize the possibility of water damage in your home.

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Important Tips to Maintain Your Plumbing

Your plumbing system is approximately 15% of your home’s value. This investment is worth protecting with regular care. Like any part of your home, your plumbing needs attention and may need an update from time to time. A-Total Plumbing has more than 15 years of experience and the expertise to correctly diagnose your waterline, sewer line, or water heater problems.

It is important that you have someone on call to:

  • Check for small leaks
  • Inspect pipes and take note of their age
  • Replace poor piping or fixtures
  • Diagnose problems based on low water pressure, odd noises, or detectable water
Call a Kennesaw plumbing maintenance specialists at A-Total Plumbing today at 770-507-5424.
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You Can Protect Your Pipes

When it comes to the kitchen, it is important that you treat your sink with care. Many people flush items down their garbage disposal, only to deal with a clog later.

Avoid feeding your sink:

  • Potato peels
  • Rice
  • Stringy vegetables
  • Banana peels

Also, make sure that your cold water is running when you turn on your disposal and run the water for at least 15 seconds after you have turned the disposal off.

When it comes to your bathroom, you can aid your pipes by minding the materials you put down your shower drain. Oily bath products congeal within the pipes. Make sure that your drain opening has a protective screen to catch hair. It is prudent to wait about 10 minutes between showers, as this conserves water pressure. Over time, continuous water flow can put unwanted stress on your pipes.

Do not use strong chemical drain cleaners on any of your pipes. If your plumbing system is largely constructed with metals, these abrasive cleaning products may corrode it from the inside out. If you are dealing with a serious clog, it is always best to call a plumber for assistance.