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Every sink, toilet, bathtub, and shower in your house will only do their job correctly with a well-functioning drain. When these drains get clogged, your fixture becomes useless and the results can be messy. At A-Total Plumbing, we do the dirty work for you. We pride ourselves on fast service and even offer emergency hours because we know that not all clogs happen on a workday schedule. We are willing to come to you on weekends and even late into the night.

We are available 24/7 for drain & sewer emergencies. Call (678) 257-4359 at any time of the day or night!!

My Drain Is Clogged. What Should I Do?

A drain is simply a pathway for water or other liquids to travel to your city storm drains and sewer systems. Masses of food, hair, toilet paper, or other matter can collect in these pipes, preventing water from flowing freely. This causes a blockage, which will push water back up the pipe into your sink bed, toilet, or shower pan.

Easy troubleshooting tips for dealing with clogged drains:

  • Plunge the drain: If you own a toilet plunger, pumping the rubber end over the mouth of your drain may force enough air-propelled water down the pipes and remove a small blockage.
  • Use a snake: A snake, also known as a plumber’s auger, has a long cable which can travel down drains to locate a barrier. Once you reach the mass, use the snake to break it up. If you are not comfortable using a drain snake on your own, A-Total Plumbing is happy to be of assistance.
  • Run the garbage disposal: If your kitchen sink is clogged, make sure to try your garbage disposal first. If this does not resolve the issue, turn the disposal off, put on gloves, and try reaching into the drain to unblock a clog that may be right at the surface.

Unclogging Drains in Metro Atlanta Since 2001

A-Total Plumbing serves residents in Cartersville, Woodstock, Alpharetta, and Metro Atlanta.

We can clear almost any drain, including:

  • Roof drains
  • Floor drains
  • Septic system drains
  • All interior drains such as sinks and tubs
  • Main sewer system drains

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