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We named our business A-Total Plumbing because we wanted to convey that we do it all. Our Cartersville plumbers can take on virtually any job. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because we know that many plumbing problems can’t wait.

Call us today at (678) 257-7288 for responsive, reliable service from a Cartersville plumber.

7 Common Plumbing Problems

Some of our most common service calls include:

  • Clogged drains: Blockages in your pipes can back up drains, leading to messy overflow. We have the expertise and the tools to get your drains fixed fast and restore your house to order.
  • Installation help: If you are working on a remodel, or are looking for a plumber to help with housing or commercial construction, we are your team! We know the ins and outs of plumbing installation and cater all major brands.
  • Leak protection: If one of your pipes springs a leak, act quickly before it damages your flooring, carpet, furniture, or walls. We can detect leaks and fix the problem fast.
  • Broken garbage disposal: Sometimes, a garbage disposal will crack when the blades hit something solid. We are well-versed in garbage disposal repair and replacement.
  • Dripping faucets: If you have a constant dripping from one of your water fixtures, let us come out to your house and troubleshoot before it becomes a much bigger problem. Plus, we can put an end to that irritating, constant, dripping noise.
  • Toilet trouble: If your toilet isn’t flushing or if it is overflowing due to a clog, we will make things right. We aren’t afraid of the mess.
  • Hot water heater issues: No one wants to run out of hot water. Our team can repair and replace hot water heaters. These appliances typically last 8-12 years.

More than 15 Years in the Atlanta Plumbing Industry

A-Total is a team you can trust for all your general plumbing needs. We do it all, so give us a call today. Whether you need help with an installation, a leak, a clog, a sewer system, a gas line, a water line, or a radiator, we are here to serve.

Reach out to a Cartersville plumber at A-Total Plumbing at (678) 257-7288.

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    Susan B.

  • “Professional, friendly and highly skilled!!! Fixed both of my toilets. Very satisfied :)”

    Former Customer

  • “John was helpful, courteous and very professional. We will use A-Total as our plumber from now on.”

    Clayton G.

  • “Fixed our leaking toilet and replaced basement pump quickly and effectively. ”

    Theresa H.

  • “He was honest and respectful. I will recommend these guys to friends and family.”

    Dwight L.

  • “He was personable and I would recommend them to others for plumbing needs.”

    Ron T.

  • “great service”